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Bloomsbury Lanes has 8 bowling lanes which can be booked in advance over the phone, by email, or through our online booking page.

Our phone lines are very busy so calling earlier in the day is recommended.

Our phone lines are open from
9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Call: 0207 183 1979 or email

The Online booking is a fast way of making a booking for small groups of up to 12 people but please be aware that bookings cannot be made on this form for between 6pm and 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

Children and families are welcome in Bloomsbury Lanes before 8 p.m. sun-thurs, 7pm fri-sat. 

Online Booking Form

Hourly Rates*

We recommend a maximum of 6 people per lane to complete one game per hour.

1 Lane = £45
2 Lanes = £93
3 Lanes = £142
4 Lanes = £191
5 Lanes = £240
6 Lanes = £315
7 Lanes = £399
8 Lanes = £492

*December rates do vary – please contact the venue for these

We do not hold any lanes back for walk in customers so booking in advance is highly recommended.

For general information & rates email:

For private hire enquiries [50 - 280 guests] or call 0203 137 6439

Off-peak day rates available before 4pm for walk-in customers Monday-Wednesday ( Jan-Nov ).

It is advisable to arrive 15 – 20 minutes before your booking to ensure that games start on time.

We require full payment in advance to confirm your bowling / karaoke bookings but temporary bookings can be made to give you the time to confirm numbers etc before you pay!

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