Darts at Bloomsbury Lanes.

Interactive and Augmented Reality Darts

The world's most accurate, automated darts scoring technology in two incredible formats:

The system detects exactly where darts have landed and instantly displays the results via our big screen or projector, both using wonderfully rich, engaging graphics. These are real dartboards and real darts, built to the same exacting standards as the Unicorn boards used in all major professional events.

The SMARTS Console powers each session and allows you to craft your own experience. You can use the touchscreen to enter your names, take selfies, configure your games and check the leaderboard to see who is winning the day.

Whether you are completely new to darts or fancy yourself as a bit of a sharp shooter, our games all feature three difficulty settings to make sure everyone has the best possible experience.


We use a real dartboard and real darts to deliver an authentic darts playing experience, pumped up with some super cool tech!

£30 per oche per hour which allows 6 solo players or 12 in pairs


Our augmented reality system, projects targets and results directly onto the board and surrounding area, making it the most immersive darts experience in the world. With an ever expanding selection of games and three difficulty settings to choose from, there truly is something for everyone.

£30 per oche per hour which allows 6 solo players or 12 in pairs


The fastest and easiest way to book a lane is by filling out the electronic form under in the BOOK NOW section.