Festive Period.

Festive Period

Our Festive Period runs from Monday 20th November - Friday 22nd December.


We take bowling bookings on the hour by the hour and recommend a maximum of 6 players per lane in order for each player to complete a full game within the allotted time slot. 

  OFF-PEAK (Sun-Tues)    PEAK (Weds-Sat)   
1 lane (1-6ppl) £65 per hour £90 per hour
2 lanes (7-12ppl) £150 per hour £180 per hour
3 lanes (13-18ppl) £240 per hour £270 per hour
4 lanes (19-24ppl) £300 per hour £360 per hour
5 lanes (25-30ppl) £365 per hour £450 per hour
6 lanes (31-36ppl) £492 per hour £540 per hour
7 lanes (27-42 ppl) £616 per hour £630 per hour
8 lanes (43-48ppl) £752 per hour £752 per hour


Our karaoke rooms are sold in minimum 2-hour slots, they are sold based on the room not per head however, we do have 5 different sized rooms.

Karaoke 1 (8-10ppl) £60 per hour.

Karaoke 4 (10 - 12 ppl) £90 per hour.

Karaoke 2 (13 - 15 ppl) £125 per hour.

Karaoke 3 (16 - 20 ppl) £150 per hour.

Karaoke 5 (21 - 30 ppl) £187.50 per hour. 


Over the festive period, all groups are required to pre-order food and/or drinks with the minimum value of £10pp. If you are undecided on what to pre-order at the point of booking we will take a £10pp payment which will be redeemable against any pre-order. 


To book please follow the Book Now link

For goups of 50+, check out our private hire room here

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